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Youth Programs


Our main goal is to teach athletes fundamental movements that will help to improve their performance in any sport; improvements that will last a lifetime.

It's never too late to get your athlete started on a program.

Strength | Conditioning |  Acceleration | Agility

 Before I had kids, I didn't pay too much attention to youth sports. Pro? Yes. College. Yes. But Youth... not so much.
It was only after my kids started playing organized sports that I realized the need for serious intervention. Most kids play sports "naturally" in that they do what comes natural to them. But there's a massive divide between natural skills and exceptional skills. And it all takes is the right training. Speed training. Agility training. Strength training. Conditioning.
I started to pay a lot of attention to youth sports after parents and coaches kept coming up to me and asking... "Can you teach my son to be as fast as your son? "Can you teach our whole soccer team how to make the moves your daughter does?"
Optimally, I would have started with their kids as early as I started with mine, but most parents get more serious about helping their kids with the tools they need when the kids are in or almost in high school, club, and travel-team sports.
If you're looking for your youth athlete to get that extra edge, let's have a conversation.

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Athletes strive toward achieving their personal best. As coaches, parents and trainers, we need to be able to guide them so they can reach their goals without injuring themselves. One way to prevent injuries is by having the athlete train to increase strength and endurance through a supervised and controlled training program.

The premise of our program is to introduce kids between the ages of 11-18 years old the benefits of resistance training both on and off the field. We teach them proper lifting techniques to improve muscular strength, power, and endurance. They also perform medicine and  stability ball drills to increase core strength, as well as body weight exercises to improve systemic stability and balance.

We recommend all the young athletes entering our program to be assessed at our facility in a private or semi-private session. After their assessment, they will be set up on a individualized, progressive program to strengthen their weaknesses and advance their strength. At that point, they can enter the group classes or continue with private or semi-private sessions.

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Youth Acceleration and Agility Camps

 As you know, there are many different skills required to play a sport: coordination, speed, quickness, strength & power all are vital. When it comes to playing a team sport we feel the MOST important skill an athlete can learn is ACCELERATION! The one who can get to the ball, opening or their opponent the quickest is going to benefit the most. Many, if not all programs talk about "speed". Rarely is “pure speed” or break-away speed used in team sports.

We teach your young athlete to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, and explode better and faster. They will learn proven methods that will help them react better, reach the ball or opening sooner, move past or around their opponent faster and easier.

We teach them how to increase their opportunities to score more goals, touchdowns, home runs, and even stop their opponents from doing the same!

Although training is provided in a structured and purposeful environment, athletes have fun while learning how to improve their athleticism, instill positive training habits and work ethic, and build their self-esteem. Our camps are safe, help prevent injury, and maximize a young athlete's potential for athletic success.

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