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Jim's Gym is a private fitness facility located in Littleton, Colorado, just west of Highlands Ranch.

Our Story

You know when you were meant to do something in life... well, we did. We always had a love for the fitness industry. Whether it was working out on our own, or helping others with their workouts... thinking about your fitness has always been the top of our mind - even when it wasn't the top of your mind!

Sure, you can call us gym rats, because that's pretty much how it started. We even met at a gym.

And the rest is history. We've been helping clients stay in shape for... well... going on 30 years. And we never get tired of figuring out the right workout for you. Maybe you're recovering from an injury, maybe you're trying to get rid of that muffin top or that pregnancy weight - even though your children are about to go off to college. 

We cater to those on the go. The busy professional who doesn't have time to think about what workout will work for them.

The busy parent who doesn't have time to think about what workout will work for them.

The busy you-name-it who doesn't have time to figure out a plan to get you into shape. 

We'll meet you wherever you're at and design the right workout plan for you!

Meet Jim

This is me, Jim... or Jimmy. Either one works. My time is spent doing 1:1 training, a couple group sessions, and in-home workouts. When I see you, I see your potential... and the more we work out together, I see your possibilities. You're not going to see results after just one workout. But month after month, you're going to realize why our clients have been with us for 5, 10, and even 15 years. We get them results.

Meet Heidi

Hey there, Heidi here. You'll see me doing 1:1s and running the group classes. I may be setting up a series of stations for someone else working out, but don't for a second think I'm not watching you! I'm making sure you have the correct form and technique. We want you to get results, not injuries. With my background in rehabilitation, I'm especially focused on building strength around previous injuries... to ensure they don't come back!