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JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO

JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO

 The main goal of our Youth Strength & Conditioning Program is to teach young athletes fundamental movements that will help to improve their performance in any sport; improvements that will last a lifetime. Also, we hope they will find our training not only challenging but fun!

 Athletes strive toward achieving their personal best. As coaches, parents and trainers, we need to be able to guide them so they can reach their goals without injuring themselves. One way to prevent injuries is by having the athlete train to increase strength and endurance through a supervised and controlled training program.

 The premise of our program is to introduce kids between the ages of 10-18 years old the benefits of resistance training on and off the field. We will be teaching them proper lifting techniques to improve muscular strength, power and endurance. They will also be performing medicine & stability ball drills to increase core strength and body weight exercises to improve systemic stability and balance.

 We recommend all the young athletes entering our program to be assessed at our facility in a private or semi-private session. After their assessment they will be set up on a individualized progressive programs to strengthen their weaknesses and advance their strength. At that point they can enter the group classes or continue with the private or semi-private sessions.

To learn more about our youth programs, please contact Jimmy at (720)810-9572 or