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JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO

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JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO


 Thank you for your interest in Jim’s Gym’s Youth Acceleration & Agility Camp. Our main goal is to teach athletes fundamental movements that will help to improve their performance in any sport; improvements that will last a lifetime.

 As you know, there are many different skills required to play a sport: coordination, speed, quickness, strength & power all are vital. When it comes to playing a team sport we feel the MOST important skill an athlete can learn is ACCELERATION! The one who can get to the ball, opening or their opponent the quickest is going to benefit the most. Many, if not all programs talk about "speed". Rarely is “pure speed” or break-away speed used in team sports.

 We will teach your young athlete to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and explode better and faster. They will learn proven methods that will help them react better, reach the ball or opening sooner, move past or around their opponent faster and easier. We will teach them how to increase their opportunities to score more goals, touchdowns, home runs or stop their opponents from scoring on them!

  Although training is provided in a structured and purposeful environment, athletes will have fun while learning how to improve their athleticism, instill positive training habits and work ethic and build their self-esteem. Our camps are safe, will help prevent injury, and will maximize a young athlete's potential for athletic success.