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 I’m also co-owner of Jim's Gym. I have been involved in both the fitness and physical rehabilitation industries since graduating from Colorado State University in 1995. As a former fitness competitor, model and now mother of two, I appreciate the life changing benefits from diet and exercise. As a trainer I am very passionate and dedicated to helping our clients live healthier lives!

 I have trained with Heidi Okuno off and on for more than ten years.  Heidi's knowledge and ability to gear the training to my needs is outstanding.  She is also able to build a routine around my limitations and yet, push me to raise my bar.  The diversity of the routines keeps me interested and allows me to learn new exercises for when I am on the road.  I would highly recommend Heidi for all your training needs!
Bev W
54 years old

 My mother and I started working out with weights with Jim in 1993. When Jim moved out of state for 4 years we had to find other trainers (We went through three who were often 10-15 minutes late, thoughtless in their selection of exercises/weights and boring) When Jim returned to Denver we immediately let go of our trainer and went back to training with Jim. My Father & I now work out with Jim three days a week. Our workouts, at the direction of Jim, are difficult buy age and level appropriate. He is consistent from workout to workout but with a lot of variety in the types of exercises. Jim is always on time and ready to go the minute he steps through the door. We definitely get our money’s worth. Workouts with Jim are never boring. My father and I have greatly benefitted from working out with Jim
Ann R
57 years old
Greenwood Village

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Being a client of Jim’s for several years has been a rewarding experience.  Jim is motivating and encouraging.  He caters to each individual’s needs and goals, including training for specific sports as well as working with injuries.   As a trainer, Jim provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.  The workouts are unique in that they are different each session, which is something I have always enjoyed.  My experience working out with Jim has been nothing but positive and has helped me improved physically as well as on a psychological level
Jenni K
26 years old

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JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO

JIM'S GYMLittleton, CO

 I am the co-owner and founder of Jim's Gym. I have been involved in the fitness industry as a business owner and personal trainer since 1991. As a former competitive athlete, body builder and now an aging parent I understand how important it is to be physically fit. I am extremely passionate about exercise and truly believe it can improve every aspect of a person’s life. As an owner and a personal trainer my goal is to provide all of our clientele with the best personal training service in Colorado.  I am committed to help you reach your fitness goals; no matter what they might be!